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Facts About Fat: Why it's so D#mN hard to lose
You need the truth about fat and you need it now.

So you can stop beating yourself up. Stop feeling defeated about the extra fat you are carrying. Stop believing all the myths about counting calories as the holy grail of health.   

In this report you’ll learn:  
  • The #1 secret why most women don’t lose weight and how to overcome this.
  •  How to harness the BIG 3 Lifestyle S’s – the most powerful influences to reduce cravings, feel calmer and increase your all-day energy.  
  •  My 4 crystal-clear action steps on what to eat and what not to eat so you can banish the bullsh#t and get on with feeling better, looking slimmer and being healthier TODAY.  
  •  PLUS: 6 simple done-for-you recipe ideas to help you hop on the healthy train right now! 
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Trish Krause is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Women’s Vitality Expert. She coaches women – and a few good men! – on how to live life with persistence, confidence, vigor and grit to nourish themselves and reach the wellness goals that are important to them. Using a combination of professional training and personal experience, Trish makes transformation possible and fun.  

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